Sweet Inspiration Link Party 100

Sweet Inspiration Link Party

Το link πάρτι της Παρασκευής είναι εδώ. Και είναι γιορτινό γιατί αισίως φτάσαμε στο Νο 100. 

Welcome everyone to the fabulous Sweet Inspiration Link Party 100!!!

During this 100th party we have both bad and good news!

The bad news:

We are sad to announce that this is Jelica’s last link party. We hope you will take a moment to visit her blog A Pretty Fix and wish her the best.

The good news:

To celebrate our 100th Link Party we are holding a giveaway for you our valued readers to thank you for your support these past two years. All you have to do to enter is simply comment on at least ONE of the most recent Sweet Inspiration blog posts by your Sweet Inspiration Link hostesses and you will be eligible for a $50 Amazon gift card. We will be announcing the winner at next week’s party

Again we thank you all for supporting Sweet Inspiration and being part of our small community.
The party will start at 10 am EST or 4 pm GMT and run till Tuesday same time. By joining us every week you will be able to grow your blog and gather inspiration from so many others who link up to our party. We will be visiting all of you who link up with us! We always appreciate your visits. Please keep in mind that linking up with stock photography or using photos without express permission by the photo owner is not allowed. Links of stock photography or photos that are not owned by you and Link Parties will be removed without notification.

Michelle from A Crafty Mix 
Jelica from A Pretty fix 
Christina from Art Decoration and Crafting 
Mary from The Boondocks Blog 
Florence from Vintage Southern Picks 
Maya from The Little Treasures shared an amazing story about the healing power of crocheting Mandalas at last week’s link party. Since I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, reading this story made me even more determined to pick up a crochet hook and give it a go.
I absolutely love this staircase makeover by Jen over at Noting Grace. She managed to take a ho-hum set of stairs and turn them into these capital ‘G’ gorgeous stairs with those lovely numbered risers. <3

We are already in the middle of the Spring season so if you like to spruce up your space a little you can easily make these gorgeous hanging planters using Dollar Tree Supplies. For the how to, please visit Lindsey at Repurpose and Upcycle
There is nothing that I love more than a good makeover. Debbie of Debbie This and That has certainly done a great job of creating a serene bathroom with all of her pretty seaside pieces. And you all know how much I’m missing the sea!
Lisa from FreshVintagebyLisas loves the old, worn, and cracking patina of vintage suitcases, but when a friend was throwing away a vintage train case, she decided to try painting it and experimenting with chalk paint at the same time. I think it turned out pretty good! 
The post that received the most views from last week’s party is… Sous Vide Fried Chicken from Jaxx at The Bearded Hiker
Party Rules
  • It would be appreciated if you follow us on at least one social media.
  • You can link up to 3 posts, DIYs, Home Decor, Crafts, Recipes anything family friendly goes!
  • Yes, you can link up posts with affiliate links.
  • Please link up your own work, no ads. And please no link parties.
  • Linking gives us permission to share a credited photo on our social media accounts. Please keep in mind that linking up with stock photography or using photos without express permission by the photo owner is not allowed. Links of stock photography or photos that are not owned by you will be removed without notification.
  • If you wish to pin the features please do so by going to the original post.​​


By submitting a link to the Sweet Inspiration Link Party you are giving the party hosts permission to feature your link/post on our blogs, social media and future round up posts. This includes images from the linked post as well as linking to your social media accounts.

The Art Decoration and Crafting and all Sweet Inspiration Link Party co-hosts respect you and your work; everything will be properly linked back to you and credit given.

Enjoy your party time 😆
Welcome and hello everyone! I’m Christina Makri, -better known around the blogosphere as Art Decoration Crafting. I’m a self-professed incurable DIYer who loves to paint and design anything from small crafts to large spaces. I’m delighted to make my space as beautiful as I can for me and my family.

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  1. Julie
    MARCH 31, 2018 AT 10:54 AM
    Congrats on your 100th link party, hosting can be a lot of work so we all really appriciate everything you all do. Have a lovely easter weekend.

  2. kiki
    APRIL 1, 2018 AT 8:54 PM
    Καταρχάς, το blog έγινε ακόμα πιο όμορφο! Μπράβο σου και Χαρά στο κουράγιο σου αν το πάλεψες μόνη σου Χριστινάκι μου!!! Πολλά τα link που προστέθηκαν οπότε πολύ μελέτη θα πέσει… Χα χα χα!!! Η δική σου δημιουργία άπαιχτη, όπως κάθε φορά!!! Εύχομαι να σας είναι όλα τέλεια και να έχετε ένα ήρεμο και γεμάτο υγεία Πάσχα! Καλή Ανάσταση Χριστινάκι μου!

    • Ευχαριστώ Κική μου, νάσαι καλά! Μόνη μου δεν το πάλεψα εξ αιτίας των προβλημάτων που είχα αυτή την περίοδο… Καλό Πάσχα και σε εσάς Κική μου!


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