Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140

Welcome everyone to the fabulous Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140

Unfortunately I have some sad news to share with you.  This is my last party as a hostess.  I enjoyed every single minute for about two years and thank you all for your support.  Gail and Mary will be leaving also but Amy from Health Home and Hurt along with  Eileen from Just Measuring Up and Lidia from Design Inside the Box will continue this Party.  I will support them and I wish you do the same.  The party will start at 7 am EST or 11 am GMT and run till Tuesday same time. By joining us every week you will be able to grow your blog and gather inspiration from so many others who link up to our party.

We will be visiting all of you who link up with us!  We always appreciate your visits.

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Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, diy decorative pillow ideas
Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140,  calming diy bath soak
Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, checkered plaid deer plaque diy
Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140,  how to re invent your old coffee table with paint

Our features

This is by far my favorite edition for falafel. I’ve never seen a recipe like this before so I’m going to give it a try the soonest possible. You can find the recipe from Jas at All Thats Jas

Baked red beet falafel

Salmon croquettes. So easy to make them and they look delicious and crispy. Full recipe from Tracie at Somewhat Awry

Salmon croquettes

I loved seeing all of the different paints and techniques that Vicki from Entri Ways used over the past year. She has done some fantastic projects the past year, and I’ll definitely be trying some of her techniques in the future.

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, 2018-year-in-review-part-2-the-paints-finishes-i-use-most

I’m in love with this winterberry fur wreath from Beverly and Gloria over at Across the Boulevard. It’s just perfect for winter, and I think one of these would look perfect with my decor.

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, winterberry-faux-fur-wreath

We all have problems hiding those unsightly, awkward containers in our laundry room and Ann @ The Apple Street Cottage shares her easy, and beautiful solution!

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, laundry-detergent-dispenser-cover
I was amazed how Kimberly @ DIY Party Mom helped arranged her parents 50th Anniversary Party. Thinking of my own 50th this year, this celebration was truly gorgeous!
Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, love is sweet 50th anniversary party

I was smitten with this coat that Laurie of Vanity and Me shared with us. I can just dive right into it what with the weather being so horrid these days. I love that blue color and also the fact that it is not heavy. Winter you can stay as long as you want if I get to look as stylish as Laurie!

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, perfect timing cosy teddy coat

Lately I have been getting up early while everyone is still asleep and I marvel at all I get done in the morning. And with a smile on my face! Candice of She’s Crafty has a great routine for the morning and I am going to follow some of her suggestions too.

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, 12 steps to successful morning routine

The post that received the most views from Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140 is from Michelle at A Crafty Mix

DIY Dog Pool Ramp – Don’t Let Them Drown

Sweet Inspiration Link Party 140, diy dog pool ramp

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