Sweet Inspiration Link Party 88

Friday !!!  Party day!!!! 

This is the first Link Party of 2018 and I would like to wish you and your families “Happy New Year”

Welcome everyone to the fabulous Sweet Inspiration Link Party 88 !!!   

The party will start at 10 am EST or 4 pm GMT and run till Tuesday same time. By joining us every week you will be able to grow your blog and gather inspiration from so many others who link up to our party.
We will be visiting all of you who link up with us!  We always appreciate your visits.

Please keep in mind that linking up with stock photography or using photos without express permission by the photo owner is not allowed. Links of stock photography or photos that are not owned by you and Link Parties will be removed without notification.

Michelle from A Crafty Mix
Jelica from A Pretty fix
Florence from Vintage Southern Picks
As we already have informed you there are two features of ours for this party 😉

I believe my friends up North are experiencing one of the coldest Winter’s in a very long time but that didn’t faze Marie from The Interior Frugalista when she created these beautiful Christmas planters. I bet they’re going to look amazing for a very long time.

How I wish it got cold enough here in South Africa to make these beauties that Lina from Sew Historically shared. Don’t they just look magical?
What could be better at this time of year than to curl up under a blanket and sip on this yummy gingerbread hot chocolate (and served up with whipped cream and sprinkles)? Check out all the delicious details at Stephanie’s blog, Somewhat Simple.
I adore these boho style DIY earrings created by Moois van M(i)e. They are chic and beautiful and have that elusive ‘casual cool girl’ vibe that I never seem to master in my own style, but always admire in others. 
I have a thing with good photographs so I read every tip and post I can find. Aubrey from Wild Heart Films gives us 5 tips for getting the perfect Christmas card photos 
Aren’t these the most delicious boxes you have ever seen? Brandy from Gluesticks blogs give us all the details how to make them

I have plenty of eggnog left over so why not use it to make this yummy eggnog bread pudding which looks so great I may end up eating way too much of it. Thanks to Stacie of Simply Stacie for this great 

I can definitely see wearing this beautiful dress about now. It is warm enough and lightweight enough so that we stay warm and cool “wink” all at the same time. And those patterns are so bo-ho pretty. Of course Laurie of Vanity and Me knows just how to style it for us. 
If it were possible to reach through the screen and grab one of these luscious looking Soft and Fluffy Dinner Rolls by Nora of Treat & Trick, I wouldn’t be able to stop at just one! Her whole pan would disappear!

It’s not only because I like to read that I’m attracted to this Mini Book Wreath by Tuula of Thrifty Rebel Vintage! It’s both pretty and unusual….a winning combo.

Again, we have two popular posts!

The first one is the Christmas porch from Little Brags blog

And the second one is from our co-host Michelle!  Her little Christmas tree is stunning!

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